Glowforge Pro Won't power on

Our Glowforge Pro won’t power on. I have made sure the wall outlet has power and still nothing. Please help!

Did you check the little staple on the back? (Needs to be pushed in.)

As far as I can see it is pushed in.

Only other thing I can think of is to check to make sure the power cable is pushed in adequately at the machine end. (Maybe if you have another computer cable available you can try that.)

No lights or anything?

Yeah no lights at all. Not even a humming of a fan or anything.

Hmmmm. Sadly, sounds like support is going to have to step in. Sorry about that. :neutral_face: (Good luck with the diagnosis phase. Maybe one of the guys around here might have some other idea for something to check.)

We got our Pro unit last year so we are like 5 months out of warranty. Unless warranty was extended over a year (early backers) or it restarted for each of the issues we had lol

And this morning I go to power it on and now it turns on. About to see if it runs, wish me luck.

How odd! :smile:

That won’t prevent it from powering on. It just cancels the job.

Yeah I know, I’m still trying to figure out what happened. So afraid to power it off. lol Is there something in the heat sensor that won’t let it power on if the temperature is over a certain temp? It was nearly 90 degrees indoors and that is all I can think of.

OK, so today after engraving one successful project, we went to try on proofgrade material and for some reason the Glowforge halted, this has happened before but then after figuring it had to been an error in the file on the engrave settings (because cut did work) I went to try the cut again and it just halted. So I powered off to reset the system back to home and now it won’t power on again. :frowning: Temperature is not even 72 degrees inside the house yet.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.