Glowforge Pro won't synch with computer

My Glowforge won’t synch with my computer. It shows it as “Offline”. I’ve rebooted the WiFi, computer, and Glowforge. I’ve re-linked the WiFi on the Glowforge. I’ve done each of these multiple times. The internet is working. Everything was working recently. Thanks for any help.

Well that bites. Lets see if we can get you sorted!

When you relinked the WiFi, did you get all the way to the confetti screen?
If yes, did you then return to your WiFi?

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Yes and yes

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Does the offline message happen immediately, or only after you try to send a job?

I’m wondering if your router is being “helpful” and shutting off the 2.4 signal in favour of the stronger 5g one.

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It stays on offline. The screen still shows the image of the last time it was used a week ago.

Tomorrow, I’ll verify that I chose the 2.4ghz WiFi signal. Going to take my mind off it for tonight. I appreciate your help.


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