Glowforge Pro?



I’ve been loving all the posts by the folks that have Glowforges on hand and have been showing us the capabilities. I ordered a Pro model and wonder when we can start seeing that thing in action!

Specifically how does the pass-through work with large projects, camera realignment, and all the rest. I also ordered the filter and have yet to see one of those in the wild. So what are the chances of seeing how this all works before July?


@andymock your etsy store is beautiful. Amazing products. I can only imagine what you can do/add with the GlowPro, I also ordered the pro + f but I am excited to see what you will do with it!


Thanks a lot @blahx3marketing! I have some ideas in the works on how to use this for my leatherwork. Making embossing plates and cutting out patterns that I make are a couple of examples.

I ordered the Pro for two reasons: A higher power laser for more commercial use and because it was far below retail cost. I just wish we could see it being utilized to justify mine and yours expense.


Dan posted a comment fairly recently that the filter isn’t completed enough yet for show and tell. A lot of us are waiting, and not a few posts asking about it, for a demonstration of the pass-through realignment feature. I ordered a pro model as well for that exact feature. Hanging out here for over a year, Dan/glowforge have been very consistent in saying 1) they’re working on the 90% of features that are common to the two models first, and 2) the filter will probably be ready at the same time as the glowforge unit, but it may ship later (and you may delay shipping so they both leave together.) Dan is very good at sticking to that. However, the March update should be published in the Announcements category in the next two weeks so maybe there will be something in it. Here’s hoping.


Let’s give 'em a break and say the next 5 weeks. Folks are pretty high strung as it is. :wink:


You’ll see it before July - I’ll post here when we can share.


To my mind people will be more restless if the monthly update slips. The HW and SW will take what it takes to complete; the update is typing and they have (server/hosting issues aside) complete control over that.


The only challenge is when the person responsible for doing the typing also has responsibilities to the HW & SW. :slight_smile:


I’ll accept a two hour schedule slip in exchange for a progress report. :wink:


I think of it like this (hopefully)… The longer the delay between announcements should mean the more there is to announce.


I’ll bet it takes way more than 2 hours to come up with those updates, and WAY more than that when you figure in all the questions and posts that pop up for Dan because of each one. It’s gotta be a massive time-suck. (albeit a necessary one and one that we all GREATLY appreciate!)


An update doesn’t need to be a novel nor an in depth accounting of daily activities. Part of the reason there are so many questions is because of the lack of any regular updates. Had there been more engagement from the beginning people would be so put out. Unfortunately that is a ship that has sailed.

At this point it doesn’t really matter but it would still be nice. Any time spent would be dwarfed by the already blown deadlines.


Awesome Dan! I hope my post didn’t come off as “hurry the hell up I need this now!!!”… I’m in the Don’t-mind-the-wait camp. Thanks for the update!


We’ve had regular updates for the last several months - they’re in the announcements area. Regardless though, people tend to start asking about updates around the end of the month and here we are, so I get it. Those monthly updates, have been happening around the top of the month. So we’ll be probably be seeing March’s update in a couple of weeks.


Yes, well aware of the Announcements Page. My post was specifically about the attributes of the Pro model which has yet to see the light of day.


People need to relax. My reply was a somewhat tongue in cheek reply to Dan’s post.


I get that now. It’s just hitting the time of the month when everyone starts in on the update thing. But it’s also becuase we’re all excited to know where things are at! :wink:


I really hope @dan addresses the whole image placement issue in this update.

It’s been a while now since we’ve observed that alignment of the camera image vs where the Forge actually cuts is pretty poor, especially at the outer areas of the bed. Misalignment can be upwards of half an inch on early pre-release machines!

Getting this right is crucial for pass-through and double-sided cutting to work.

Yes, I know, they’re working on it. And it’s top secret. And all that jazz. But the troops are getting restless.


Yes. I’d like to see this too. Specifically I’d like to see how the filter connects. I’m trying to design and build a work station for GF and filter. I’d also like to include noise damping baffles as suggested by takitus (jan 15). Other questions: What is optimual height for GF? What size are the proof grade materials ( I want to include draws for material storage)? Also would like to see some details about the software, eg what file types will it import, do bit maps have to be converted to vectors, what does the interface look like, etc.


[edit, this was wrong. this is a channel for tubing/wiring that runs across].