Glowforge protector

Hey, Noob here. Has anyone laid out a template for the top of the GF pro? Thinking about something to cover the glass, made from acrylic.

Never seen that. What are you hoping to protect it from? The machine is intended to be used indoors.

A number of people have made soft covers for them. Some out of material and others leather…

Anything, really. A vivacious 3 year old, cat, accidental tool slippage…
Originally was thinking about a button escutcheon, but then wanted to protect the button from accidental presses, then I wanted order and smoothness so it would have to be flush with the top of the button as well as cover that whole glass panel, the the disorder really hit overdrive and i have to have the other side matching…
Anywho, I figured I would ask before lofting it out myself!

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I lay a thick bath towel on top just to cushion anything that may fall onto it.


Well, there’s this:

I think there might be others as well. Do a forum search for Glowforge cover.

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I saw the soft covers and I’ve searched the forum. I was just curious about whether anyone had made something rigid, that didn’t interfere with operation. Thanks for the replies, either way, though!

The lid of my Glowforge is a perfect work surface for assembly, sanding, finishing, etc. The sides hold my most often used tools, glues, finishes…


My “side extenders” work great for creating more usable space on each side of the door:


Covering it isn’t a terrible idea, some folks have learned from experience that dropped ceramic magnets crack glass like it’s butter. Ok, that metaphor doesn’t really work. But imagine if butter were really cracky.


Maybe in Australia. :blush:

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this is how my gf looks most of the time as well. My initial goal was to protect the button from being falsely elbowed into a reboot cycle, while still keeping a level work surface.

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Those are great! My thought, originally, was to use the inverse of the cut you made, and lay it on acrylic, and use that to make three pieces to cover the glass, to maintain flatness as well as protect. I like this, though. perhaps a chimera is in order

Hey all,
I’m still making covers (over 90 of them!).

I made some padded ones too.

(I also love the idea of raising the work surface even with the top.)


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