Glowforge Cover

Hey guys,

I got my Glowforge just over a week ago (super excited) and the first thing it needed was a workbench on wheels and the second thing it needed was a cover. Of course I needed to customize the cover with an laser engraved name tag…

I’ll also share the plans/drawings for the workbench, if anyone is interested.

Thanks -ajvince



Wow, that is fantastic! I like that you made it your avatar. I need a cover like that, to keep the paw prints off my GF.


That bench looks great! We built ours too but it’s just a table and could use the storage underneath that you’ve got there.

Really diggin’ the personalization on the canvas cover though. :wink:


Nice! It’s been on my to do list for about a year to design dust covers for all of the equipment in my office. Thanks for the motivation to get back to that task.


Looks great! Love your label!

Our Glowforge will be in an unfinished basement. So, we do get a few bugs, spiderwebs, etc. I plan to make a cover for ours as well. Probably a vinyl to make it wipe off easily.


Nice! :sunglasses::+1:

That is the first time I have ever thought about putting a cover on the Glowforge. Duh. Makes sense. Great share. Very classy.


Hopefully this isn’t a violation of terms of service… but I would be willing to make custom covers for folks. Always looking for a way to pay myself back for the purchase of the GF and/or buy more materials…
Send me a message and we can work something out. -ajvince


Nice Job! can you share what kind of canvas you used? I looks pleasingly heavy duty.

I’d like a cover, it looks great

#10/60" Cotton Canvas Duck - Olive Drab


looks nice

That’s great! I appreciate your proposal and would like to have the plans/drawings for the workbench please. :blush:

Shop Cart Drawing V1.pdf (128.7 KB)

My first time trying to make a “drawing” from fusion 360…

2x sheets of 2’x4’ plywood
2x frames made out of 2x4s to hold the plywood, external dimensions end up being 25.5" and 49.5" with a .75" rabbet to hold the plywood.
6x 36" vertical supports made of 2x4s
4x triangles to go in the corners with 8" edges
4x 3" caster wheels.


I would love to see the plans for both the bench and the cover! Very cool!

Lookin’ good! I haven’t even tried to use the Drawings on F360 yet. :grinning:

Would love the plans for both the cart and cover!

Can this stuff be sewn on a “regular” sewing machine? I’ve got an old singer and wondering if this could possible be sewn on it?!

Most home machines can do fairly heavy fabric like muslin or heavy denim, albeit slowly compared to professional machines. Make sure you get the right needle and thread combination for your fabric or you might go break needles and threads.


I second that. I have a heavy duty industrial walking foot. But i think a lighter weight canvas or cordura would be fine. it can get 4-6 layers thick in some parts where the seams come together and the hem is rolled up. I would just take it slow over those spots.

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