Glowforge Q&A #1, streamed live


We’re going to do a little test and livestream to our youtube channel. It will mostly be technical difficulties and me looking confused for 10 minutes, but if you have some questions, I’ll try to answer those too.
Throw your questions in chat! If you miss it, don’t worry, we’ll do it again soon. (And remember, this is just a trial run!)

EDIT: Thanks so much for the 20 of you who made it on zero notice! We’ll do it again soon. It should be archived here:

What does Glowforge have to say about this review?
Dan's Louvered Lamp

Great idea! Hope to see more of them in the future.


Great test tonight, video and audio worked well. Thanks for the quick demo.


Thanks so much for those who joined! That was fun - I’m looking forward to doing it again.


Aww man, I can’t believe I missed this. :frowning:


Love it! Keep em coming!


Will this time of day likely be the regular time? Right as I am picking up kids and heading home, so I would have to plan significantly ahead to join in live, but would love to do so. (Where did you announce it? EDIT - I am a bonehead. Likely this thread itself)

Also… where do you find YouTube chat? Just so I know in advance if I ever attend one of these.


No clue! We were monkeying around with the stream and threw it up as soon as we got it working. Really happy to see the response - over 100 people watched it so far. We’ll definitely do it again, this time with advance notice!


Just finished watching it myself.

You couldn’t run out and grab a leaf while you had 1 person watching? For shame!


Awesome, thanks for doing the live stream, hope to join the next one!


Awesome, I could watch these all day. Side note, I’d love a closer glimpse at your monitor stand, pen holder, and is that your keyboard laid into a custom wood base?? Presumably they were all made on the Glowforge?


Yes! Next time we do it just ask in chat and I’ll show you.