Glowforge Referral Gift Card

Hey everyone, I’m a total noob over here and just got my first referral (yay me!) and I see that others of you have received 10+ (holy wow - and how!?!?). I’m really excited to use it but notice that the shop is sold out of some items that I’m interested in. Do you guys know if I have to use the value of the entire gift card in one transaction, or if I can use over multiple transactions (so that I can purchase what I need now, and have some later for when Glowforge restocks the other stuff).

Thanks in advance.

It will keep a running balance.

Only word of caution on that is to make sure shipping doesn’t eat up your card amount (free shipping over $100).


Hi @kea! @jbmanning5 is correct. Your gift card will keep a running balance so you do not need to use it all on one purchase. If there’s anything else we can help with please send us an email at!