Glowforge regular wont cut more than 10.5 inches high

I seem to remember being able to cute 12iches by 19 inches
Now I am only allowed to cut 10.5 inches by 18?
Am I going crazy?

The maximum cut area is 10.9" x 19.5"


Thank you. I must be going crazy I dont know how I use to cute 12 inch height before and all of the files I buy come in to the software NOT fitting

It has never cut 12". If you look at the printhead in the home position you will see material behind the printhead. This material cannot be accessed by the Glowforge, so that part of a 12 x 20 board will never cut and never has.


You never did. The mechanical construction of the machine limits it to just under 11". Has always been that way.


That is wild. Every pattern I have bought has come in and is WAY to big for the file bed size

It is possible with some wild manipulation of the design, and hours of lining things up to cut anything that will fit on the bed of the machine. But it would have to be a design worthy of the effort.

In a different universe, I would love to get one of those huge lasers able to make furniture and have the room, money, and body to go there. But my age and circumstances force my designs to fit my machine.


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