Glowforge repeats over design multiple times. SVG / Inkscape

I’m making a simple cake topper for my seven year old son.

I took a jpg into Inkscape and I changed it to a vector using the trace bitmap features. I tried to make the final outline 2 pixels wide.

The final simple SVG file looks fine. But when the glowforge starts on it, it goes over each line like 8 times. (started a fire with the cardboard prototype! :slight_smile:

Any help?


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I’m not on my computer, so I cant look at it too closely, but I think theres definite svg weirdness going on. Look at the tail of the N. Theres a curved line and a different corner line. If you “ungroup” the whole design, I wonder if there are multiple outlines all layered on top of eachother.

The reason for it repeating is that you had 7 or 8 copies in the file on top of each other.

Try this instead.

GF t7


Yes, that’s exactly what is happening. I loaded it up in inkscape, ungrouped it and started dragging objects. It looks like there are seven copies of the same object one on top of the other.


ha! awesome! Thank you all for your wonderful support. Great community.


Of course there are seven layers - it says so right in the file!



I have a question, how do you notate with the red arrow?

The trace bitmap feature in Inkscape works well but there are so many options that can be checked that often what appears to be a simple outline isn’t. It’s worth going over some of the tutorials to see how each option affects final file. Different bitmaps require different approaches for the best work. So when you do a trace. Check the layers and the lines carefully to ensure you don’t have multiple trace lines.

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Thank you for that guidance!

I wish it was April fools day, as the seven layers with the sign that says “seven” is too funny… alas, I can’t take credit for that.

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I used “Snipping Tool” that I believe is part of a standard Windows install. Once you select the part of the screen you want to capture it has a simple pen and highlighter tool. It usually takes me a few tries to draw a decent arrow. :wink:

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Yep, Trace bitmap is a powerful servant but a terrible master. (Especially if you try to trace anything that’s not pure B&W)

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Thanks @hansepe for the help.

I hope your son enjoys his cake topper!

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