Glowforge replacement and refund issues

I purchased a Glowforge Pro in Sep 2021. I’ve since had 3 replacements, all with issues. Not once have I received a fully functional machine. The first machine wouldn’t cut on the right side. They sent out a replacement, but wouldn’t rush it (I had orders pending) so it took over a week to receive.

The second machine’s fan blade broke after the first cleaning (following all directions). I asked for a full refund because I just started a new business and cannot afford downtime during this Christmas season. I was refused, unless I accepted a 30% restocking fee deduction, and sent a REFURBISHED machine, which is also broken. Per my conversation with, I was to receive a brand new Pro. See below correspondence.

In my email correspondence with ARA, she said she’d send me a BRAND NEW Glowforge, but I was sent a broken refurbished unit.

“I know you must be in the middle of holiday work right now, and I can see that you’ve been a super active Glowforge user, so what I’d really like to do is expedite out a brand new Glowforge Pro to you. Despite your experiences, I do want to reassure you that issues like you’ve had are very rare, and I’m confident that a new printer would work great for you, and for a long time!”

This third, refurbished machine is damaged along the rail and the head will not home. It’s not reading the head, saying “head is not found”. Why did you send me a broken machine?

I am TIRED of waiting on the phone for 30 minutes, only to be told to leave a message.

I paid $5,500 and have never received what I paid for - a fully functioning machine. Because of this, I would like a full refund. I should not have to pay a 30% restocking fee because you sent me 3 broken machines. That is just not right. I DO NOT want a fourth glowforge and have to delay, yet again, my customer orders.

Your policy states that a refund of the purchase price can be given at Glowforge’s discretion. I think I’ve earned this. See policy below.

If you submit a valid claim under this Limited Warranty, Glowforge at its sole discretion will (1) provide you with detailed instructions and new or refurbished parts to repair the product; or (2) authorize your return of the product for (i) repair with new or refurbished parts, (ii) replacement with a new or refurbished product that is equivalent to the product to be replaced, or (iii) a refund of the purchase price.

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I had 3 in an 8 month period and 2 of them were refurbished and my last one has been down 8 days now with no help. So not sure how rare it is but I’ve seen several have more than 2 in a yr replaced. You should get brand new ones while in warranty. Who knows how old the tubes are in the refurbished ones.

What type of orders did you have that built up before you were even up and running? Also, over a week is way better then the month I had to wait from my other brand machines support.

Following the directions should not result in that. I have certainly strayed from the directions and been really hard on my machine fan but it still held up perfectly.

Ah okay, so you did start opening up orders before starting your business. That is an interesting business tactic.

It sounded like the machine was new from the email they sent. Was there a note in the box saying it was refurbished?

I have always found these comments to be amusing. FYI, refurbished machines are known to have to undergo more rigorous testing then a standard machine. It is your perception that they are worse. I no doubt would take a refurbished over new any day. Partly because of my background and awareness of how QA actually works. Its kinda like those Max 8 planes. I know most people would not want to get on one but, they actually now heave been tested more rigorously and had a much more detailed review then a standard plane.

Sorry if my post detracts from the process of y’alls cycles syncing up.

So you are OK paying $5500 for something brand new and 2 weeks later getting a machine that’s a couple years old? Do you also accept cars like that? And I agree with your dogs…

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Hell ya! Sign me up.

That’s the point and I have achieved my goal of my user name then.

I have had my glowforge since May and it is nothing but a $6000 paper weight. It has been giving me the camera can’t take a picture error since November, I reached out to customer service as soon as it happened. I received a response back that it needed a new black cable, great I sent them my address; no response back for 2 weeks (I was messaging them everyday sometimes 2x a day) I finally got the black cable and it didn’t fix it. I have now 6 days until Christmas with orders I was in the process of making when it just stopped working sitting here (and yes I told those people I was waiting on a part) and now I’m going to have to refund them for their orders. I have never experienced such poor customer service in my life, and I would never recommend the glowforge to anyone after the experience I had.

Bingo. :anguished:


Oh no! I’m horrified that your replacement arrived with problems. Please rest assured we’re going to fix this for you. I’m going to close this thread so we can follow up via email.