Glowforge says connected

I just set up my glow Forge and went through the steps. It says my computer is connected to my glow Forge but nothing else. I think I’m missing something

Your Glowforge is supposed to be connected to the internet and your computer also, If the computer is connected to the glowforge then both will be a problem.

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Maybe this video will help. If you need to start over, hold down the button until it glows aqua.


The aqua button is glowing and my computer says your computer is connected to your glow Forge. I read somewhere that now it’s supposed to calibrate but nothings happening

You will only need to connect your computer to the Glowforge once, after that it works through your network. The calibration is just the head moving out to the center and taking a couple of measurements, you might have missed it.

Go to , log in there and you should be able to use the machine from there from now on.

There is a section of the support site for learning to use the machine here:

I got it thanks so much


@rbtdanforth and @jules to the rescue! Thanks so much for helping our new friend @lizkingdesigns get online. @lizkingdesigns, since you’re able to print now, I’m going to close this thread. Please feel free to start another or email us at if you run into any other challenges.

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