Glowforge sent me an unusable machine and now they won't return my Emails

I received my glowforge about 2 weeks ago and was so excited to begin creating things and possibly starting a small business with some of my art. What I thought would be a fun and exciting experience immediately turned into a frustrating nightmare of bad tech support and unprofessionalism.

I purchased a Glowforge pro and an Air filter which, as you all know, set me back over $6K. When the machine arrived, the power cord was in the accessories package that didn’t arrive until 3 or 4 days later. When I finally got the accessories I went through the process of setting up without a hitch. Once I got to the point of actually pressing the “Magic Button” to make my first print “The gift of measure”, the laser did not cut through half of the project. I thought maybe my material wasn’t level so I checked everything and tried to reprint. This time it didn’t cut through at all. After trying 6 times on the same piece of material with the same project, it became evident that the laser does not cut on the right side. The further right the laser went, the weaker it got to the point where it literally barely scored the masking tape on the material.

I reached out to glowforge support via email and didn’t get a response until I made the same claim in the glowforge community chat. A guy named Jeremy reached out to me 2 days later and asked me to take pictures of all the mirrors and lenses in the glowforge and I did that day. I did not hear from him again until my wife got upset and emailed the young lady who sold us the machine. Jeremy finally reached back out to me and said the issue was something they couldn’t fix remotely and they would send us a new warranty unit and shipping labels to return the old unit. I was assured that this would be a quick process and they were going to respond in a timely manner. I sent all of the information he requested the same day and it has been 4 days with not a single word from glowforge.

I received my brand new glowforge on Septemer 4th and it is currently just a $6,000 useless brick sitting in my dining room as of this morning. I haven’t been ale to make a single project yet and it seems like the people at glowforge don’t give a damn. The very least they could have done is replied to my emails and let me know if there was some delay or if they needed more information. Instead it has been radio silence. I’m really tempted to just ask for a refund and try another laser company. You would think that if you spent that amount of money, the damn thing would work.

It usually takes several days for them to arrange for a new unit for you, so at this point, you just wait patiently. They will contact you when your new unit has been built and is ready to ship. (Might be a few more days.)

Ok, but can they let me know that instead of not responding? It’s easy to send an email and explain the process. If you take $6K from someone and don’t respond to emails when the unit you sent doesn’t work it seems like you’re being taken advantage of. All I’m asking for is communication and hey can’t give me that. It would be different if this happened 6 months into using the machine but it didn’t work coming out the box. That’s a major red flag for me.

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Yeah, it’s a holdover from the initial release, when they did NOT have time to hold everyone’s hand on issues… fourteen thousand machines were pumped out the door in one huge blurt, and they had a lot of issues since they were new.

It might be time for them to re-address that policy now…send a quick “Hey it will be a few days to get this arranged, but I’ll be back in touch when it’s ready.” note.

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That’s literally all I’m asking for.

Also, make sure you check your junk folder, etc.

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I have tried to cut that thing 13 times and it still hasn’t cut. I have emailed them I don’t know how many times. I was able to cut the picture frame out. I’m not sure why one cuts but not the other. I have been using it to etch things since I haven’t gotten a straight answer from support yet. I feel your frustration 100%

I’m so sorry for the delay getting back to you.

I see we’ve already emailed you about this, so I’m going to close this topic.