Glowforge Shifting and/or Stretching part of print

Has anyone seen their glowforge print/cut part of their file just fine and then randomly start shifting and or stretching part of the file? It used to happen occasionally in the upper right hand part of the bed, when it was a large or complex file,

but now it is happening on the whole bottom of the bed.

Is it possible that the printhead (specifically the air assist fan hood) is bumping whatever you are using to hold the material down? With the honeycomb tray out and the machine off, look under the carriage arm as you move it forward and back. Also inspect the underside as you move the printhead side to side. Any loose wires or anything catching? Finally, have you checked for cracked wheels or loose belts?


I have not seen any obstruction. I use low profile holddowns. Just to make it even more puzzling, I paused a print when it was going nuts, and when I unpaused it went back to cutting normally. It almost seems like a software problem except that I have not seen others with this problem. When I contacted support and enclosed pictures of the gantry they seemed sure it was a pulley problem. I am skeptical, but hopeful.

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