Glowforge shipping damage, Thanks FedEx

So I went to pick up my GlowForge today from the FedEx store near my home and was ‘shocked’ to find some damage to the box. I thought having it held at the store until I got back in town was a good idea until I showed up at the store to see it sitting vertically on the floor, despite clearly having the picture on the oustide of how it should be sitting. I took some pictures, posted below, and asked the clerk if there was a way to note the damage before I signed which of course he said there was not.
IMG_0338 IMG_0337
Once I got home noticed all the tape along the bottom and up the sides of the box, I tilted the box up and saw the paper tape was cut all the way thru on all sides and had been re-taped with paper tape. I also noticed the bottom cardboard had broken a little, but overall the damage didn’t look that bad compared to what I’ve seen others post here.

After cutting the FedEx tape and taking the top off my heart sank as the top glass has shattered and there is glass everywhere.

I’ve reached out to support and after a quick chat with Haley, I’m waiting for a supervisor to email me about next steps. No commitment to timing so now I sit here and wait.


Ok, so an update here. While I was typing this up I actually got an email from GF support. They are shipping me a new unit pronto, I just have to promise to take this one back to FedEx once they send me a shipping label.

I have to say so far I’m very impressed with the responsiveness of the support team.


Was going to add that they cross shipped my replacement unit when UPS helpfully added some extra ventilation holes to the front of my original Pro.

Glad to hear support is still top notch!!


What a buzzkill. I don’t think any glowforge that has been delivered was kept oriented according to the ‘This Side up’ lables. It’s also nothing peculiar to FedEx, UPS had the same issues.
It’s not a big deal, there will be some air bubbles visible in the laser tube, and you will see them move to the right when you switch it on. The system is self-purging and the air will clear never to be seen again.
It would really pain me to have an expensive product I made be trashed by delivery gorillas (I used to be one, but my load was furniture) with it never having been turned on.
Better luck with the replacement.


I’m so sorry this happened, @mdheld75 . I see that we are working with you on this through email. So, I’m going to close this thread.