Glowforge shipping

I order my glowforge pro about 2 weeks ago and I have not recieved any email about shipping. I would like to know what the status of my glowforge is??

They build them to order (though sometimes they have a tiny bit of stock) and it’s shipped directly from the factory - so the :glowforge: staff doesn’t have detailed info. You should get a tracking number when it’s been built, but it’s safer to sign up for FedEx and UPS’s notice apps so when you have a package on the way they will notify you.

Also, it comes in 2 boxes. The actual laser in one, and the accessories box which has testing material as well as things like the power cord.

Welcome to the :glowforge:, you’re gonna love it :smiley:

FYI - when staff responds their name will say “staff” and usually the background of their posts are yellow. Their response time is about a day (sometimes much less) but if you’ve emailed what they do here is confirm that they will respond via email and then close the post. Multiple emails (that aren’t responses) or posting here slows down their response time because they have to close everything else before they can respond to the original question.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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