Glowforge Shop from outside of the US

Hello everyone,

We were just wondering: are there any new plans for customers outside the US to use their store credit to buy Proofgrade Material? As of right now it is not possible for us to buy something and the given Store Credit as a form of an apology is more or less useless (especially if you do not need the designs presented in the store).

Thanks for any help

This is the last comment I found from @dan on the topic.

Great question,

I was wondering the same. I tell my friends that I have $350 in glowforge money. But that even glowforge themselves don’t accept the currency.

Some of that money is only good as designs that you can buy from anywhere as I found out when I tried buying materials with it. I am not thrilled much with the currently available designs either and prefer to design my own even when inspired by any other work.

As for the materials, perhaps you can sell the money yo those closer in.but make sure you are selling material money.

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It is a bit disappointing that no one of the team is actually answering on this topic. Seems like they don’t want to keep their promises

I’m terribly sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your continued patience.

The team is working hard to enable the shop for International Proofgrade purchases. Unfortunately, it’s not available yet.

Along with the credits, for all international customers who have Founders Discounts, we realize that you can’t use it yet since the shop and catalog are not yet available internationally. We’ll extend your discount so you can make use of it.