Glowforge Shop Image Issue



Was looking at the Shop and noticed that the:

Medium Fluorescent Green Acrylic (Cast, Translucent, Glossy)

Has a Flourescent Yellow picture (instead of Green).


The actual stuff is a yellowish green, it’s yellow enough there could be debate over which color it is. BUT it does fluoresce nicely. I will say it’s more green than that photo looks, for sure.


I hope not to start up the blue versus gold dress discussion, but just comparing the the images for the other acrylic images is concerning.

I am wondering if the camera flash caused the light shift.

From the Store Product images

Standard Yellow Acrylic

Standard Green Acrylic

Fluorescent Pink

Fluorescent Blue

Fluorescent Green


It’s the lighting in the picture. Here are some X-Wing tokens I made with the fluorescent green over the weekend. They do reflect some yellow, but not as much as in the store picture.


I would call it ‘Lime green’, but way more green than yellow.


These photos don’t show that the plastic is translucent, or even transparent.
The pink doesn’t feel that dark to me IRL.
And the blue doesn’t really fluoresce at all. It’s just a nice bright transparent blue, a little less teal than that photo.



Definitely blue.



Even if the photo is accurate, your monitor settings might not be. And even if your monitor is calibrated, your browser settings might be off. Colors accuracy in photos is tricky, but color accuracy online is pretty impossible.

Like, on my current screen, @jbpa’s photo is much more yellow than the image of the product.


Thanks for letting us know. I’ve passed this on to the right team.

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