Glowforge shorted out

I turned on the machine after the weekend and it made a popping crackle sound and then silence. I work in a middle school and it has performed awesome to date, but now is fried. Next steps?

Sounds like it will have to travel back to the mother ship. You have opened a support ticket by posting here, but they will need to set up the shipping instructions and replacement machine, etc. by email. Your email should be in your Preferences and they can see that, just make sure it is correct, and their stuff will not go into your spam filter.

Also, make sure you have the old shipping box and all the orange bits, handy for repacking and shipping.


Hello @jvoss

Your Glowforge should be plugged directly into a grounded wall outlet that meets local building codes. If you haven’t already, please do the following:

  1. Unplug your Glowforge from the wall

  2. Plug another device directly into the same outlet and see if it works

  3. If the device does not work, have an electrician investigate. It may be a blown fuse, a broken outlet, or something else

  4. If the outlet works, unplug the other end of the cord from the Glowforge unit itself

  5. Inspect both ends of the power cord; if you notice any damage, try another power cord

  6. Plug in the end of the power cord that goes to the Glowforge, making sure it is inserted all the way in

  7. Plug the other end of the power cord into the outlet, making sure it is inserted all the way in

  8. If your Glowforge still won’t power on, try another outlet

Let me know what you find!

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