Glowforge shows old image

I am trying to follow option 3, (start with a file made in Adobe Illustrator) in a Glowforge tutorial called 'Your first Prints. ‘I started up Glowforge then placed the artwork (printed on paper) in the centre of the bed and closed the lid (as instructed). When the Workspace loaded, I see a photo of the bed, showing work I cut yesterday. In the tutorial, it says that I should see a picture of the bed, including my drawing. I tried to click on ’ refresh bed image’, but it is greyed out. I do not know how to remove the photo of yesterdays work, so I can continue the tutorial. Can anyone offer advice ?

I suppose you have turned the machine off and back on, you have left the Glowforge app in all windows and gone back in as a new drawing, and still seeing the old image?

If you can turn the machine off and back on and it starts properly and goes through all the steps then your lid camera is also working or it would have trouble starting up.


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