Glowforge Sizing Gauge v1


Whether I’m at a big-box store, a craft store, or even the local ReSource shop, I often ask myself “Will that fit in my Glowforge?” Usually, I’ve forgotten my tape measure and as cute as they are, I don’t typically carry a Founder’s Ruler with me.

I wanted something I could keep on a keychain or attach to my backpack, so came up with this.

The long axis represents the current maximum depth an object can have if you remove the crumb tray (1.5 inches thick + 0.5 inch for the current max above the crumb tray bed). The short axis to the right is 0.5 inch, a quick check if an object will fit on the bed.

I expect to refine this over time, but wanted to go ahead and share the SVG file, too.

Focus Rule v1.pdf (24.0 KB)

Focus Rule (Too lazy to fix the SVG for display. :confused:)

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Duuuude! :sunglasses:


I love this idea. Would be good to have as a handy reference when calculating thickness of materials when the crumb tray is out. Write in the dimensions so the math is easier.


I was just typing that the SVG didn’t come through when it came through!



Hopperized… :wink:


That’s genius! Thanks for sharing!


Aaaannnnnd we’re printing… THANX!


Great idea and execution! Thank you!


Nice. I’m a tad lazier. I just keep my left hand with me. The distance between the tip of my middle finger to the 2nd joint is exactly 2".

I’ve got other body part/measurements that I’ve determined and memorized so I can measure from 1/2" to 3ft. It’s very handy because like you, I don’t usually carry a tape or ruler.

If you’re not anal retentive about your phone, you can mark the back edge (or tape a fabric or paper measuring tape to it) and you’ve always got a ruler in your pocket.


Better yet, you can engrave rulers directly onto the phone!


:hand_splayed: I’m just going to stop there… :innocent:


Very cool idea @dwardio!! Thanks for sharing!


That didn’t even occur to me. I’m slippin’. :joy: …Here’s my Man card.


Thank you so much for sharing this - great idea!




Fantastic idea. Can’t wait to print one of these for my keychain.
Thanks for sharing @dwardio


Brilliant idea!


needs a half mark on the half inch leg for Pro users.




fantastic idea and execution - I LOVE the wording. :+1: