Glowforge skips some cuts?

If you look at the lower right portion of my image (ignore the offset) you can see the glowforge just skipped a bunch of cuts. It also skipped 2 sets of holes on the left side of the image as well

They show up highlighted when I select the cut layer, and they are in the GFUI, but they aren’t on the material?


Looks like its set to ignore:


nope, look at the little circles in the lower right, they are highlighted teal which means they should all cut.

That was my alignment shape, and It properly ignored it.

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oh that is weird :grimacing:

So the ones on the left side, are both sets of circles in the same GFUI operation? If so, and if just one circle is outside the cuttable area, it won’t cut any of them. I figured this out after a small amount of swearing.


Might it be the file?

The real reason I’m commenting - YOUR GLOWFORGE NAME!!!


It’s not the file, the circles are shown in the gfui. File was made entirely in Inkscape, no conversions

Would like to see it highlighted with the cut area visible. It’s eady to make that mistake.

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That’s what is shown in the image, the teal circles are all part of one operation that I had the mouse over to highlight. The image is a screenshot from after the cut, clearly seen are the missed cut circles in the bottom right. (About 1/8” lower than the predicted cut)

That is a strange error. Too miss so randomly the sets of circles. Doesn’t fit into anything I have experienced before.

How did you make the little circles? Clones or duplicates?

Circles are all individual paths.

The file was cut and pasted in the gfui. The original set of paths are the ones that didn’t cut correctly which makes no sense. I’ve cut this file correctly before with no issues.

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That’s is an interesting part of the puzzle. So this is one design that you pasted twice so it would have three exemplars?

one design pasted a second time. so an original (that’s printed fine several times) and a ctrl+c ctrl+v (in the gfui) design.

the original had missed cuts after the copy paste but with no visual indication of an error in the gfui.

the original is the one that failed! it makes no sense.

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One of the things I’ve noticed when using Copy/Paste in the GFUI is that if there are a lot of parts in the original, (like dozens of little dots) when you go to drag the original off, it’s easy to accidentally pick up some bits of other items as well.

This is avoided if the little bits are completely enclosed in a closed shape, but not if there is an open cut path partially surrounding them or if the shapes overlap. With that you just have to be extremely careful.

That triangular shaped piece has circles that cross over the orange cut line - the parts are not completely enclosed by the outer shape, so the shape is treated as individual paths and not a group. You could try deleting the little circles that cross over the lines and see if it doesn’t work a little better when copying and dragging.

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The selection wasn’t changed, when you paste, the new lines/paths/operations were auto selected.

the way the missed dots are positioned, there is no way i could have selected the dots that didn’t cut with large click drag selection methods (which i use).

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Have you tried saving as an SVG. The copy paste has very limited functionality and doesn’t work in all instances.

I don’t use inkscape but I find most of my errors come from poor file management. Grouping is really helpful for keeping things together while give flexibility to move objects around. Did you draw each circle individually? did you copy one circle over and over? are some grouped and some not? all of these questions could be answered if you would post your file


Try zooming in under magnification and seeing if those paths are actually there.

@markwarfel not relevant, file has printed correctly and the pasted version printed correctly. Inkscape saves as an svg

@Jules all paths are indeed there.

Hmmmm. Well, all I can suggest is to post the file so someone can give it a try. I’m out of ideas.