Glowforge Software Development Video (Digital Telepathy)


Hey Guys, I came across this cool video on the team helping Glowforge to develop their application. Enjoy!


Just watched it. Fun little video.


Dan posted it a little ways into this thread:


Some help here deconstructing the purpose of the video, the potential of Adobe XD, the work of Digital Telepathy, the actual screen shots of the work flow that flashed upon the screen and the reality of the GFUI in its present form?


What I found ingesting was in all of the shots, they showed and mentioned what appeared to be development of a mobile application. Or was it just a web platform for a mobile screen. Is there a mobile application in the works? If so, why only iOS, no love for Android… Hmmm…


I certainly hope not. They have promised features in the existing software that we’re all patiently waiting on.

News that they are redirecting their apparently scarce resources on more window dressing will probably not go over well.