Glowforge sounds without energy ! help!

Hi Guys,

Im looking for help. my glow forger all of the sudden it started sounding like it doesn’t have the same energy as this morning. This is the first time this has happened. Can anyone please help me. Any advice? by the way my husband clean the machine last night he’s the one that always cleans it and he didn’t do nothing different from the other cleans.

Welcome to the community. Sorry, but your video cannot be viewed here. Try uploading to YouTube then posting the link here. Also, it might help us try to help you if you can describe how it’s operating other than just going by the sound of it.



Every-time I start the project it sounds like the power goes strong but then it suddenly drops and its like something suck the power out the machine and it sounds really low like its running out of battery. Like when ever a cars battery slowly dies. Also I uploaded the video again

Your video still cannot be viewed. I was able to hear the sound, which is very odd. I think we still need more information, though.

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It does the job in the same time as usual but, it feels very weak even the air coming out off the vent is no the same as before.

Check to make sure that your exhaust fan has not been accidentally toggled off. Check your air intake vent (under the right front corner). I can’t view your video or hear it.


(I can see and hear the video just fine).
Unless you have an external fan, it seems WAY to quiet. The internal fan is pretty loud. I agree with dklgood… I wonder if your internal fan has been toggled off.

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