Glowforge Specific Fusion 360 Training - Start of Live Webinar Series



Apparently you just need to verify your account and the video can be reactivated.


No worries. I really appreciate you doing this. I wasn’t able to attend the live webinar, but I’ll certainly watch the recording.


I verified my account but still can’t access the video.


I just verified my account and I still can’t access the video. I think I need to trim the video so it’s just shy of 60 min


You may need to go to the Video Manager and activate your video. And then make sure it’s not set to private.

I’m not aware of a 60 minute limit. It’s either 15 minutes for unverified, or 12 hours.


Everyone, I am happy to report that the links to the recorded webinar finally work. Special thanks to @chris1 for the recommendations on fixing the links.

  • Jason


I’d recommend bumping up the bitrate of your screen recording for some better video quality. Personally, I use 60,000 kbps now for 1920x1080 at 30 FPS.


Hi Jason

Any chance of doing a webinar on exporting 3D models from F360 into AutoDesk Slicer for laser cutting. I have been trying slicer to import a simple tube from F360 to be sliced for test fitting. Unfortunately the Slicer looses the correct scale which makes it awkward to use for accurate cuts. If you click to keep original scale then it blows the scale up by a large factor and pretty much crashes the app. Any input would be welcome.

Just my thoughts. I have never understood why companies cannot export a file to scale then expect the user to re-scale for accuracy. it should be one for one output and input then allow the user to scale if they need to. At least when it is the same vendor??


I just watched the recording and thought it was excellent. Thanks so much for doing this!


Just watched, loved it! Can’t wait to see more!


Problem is probably likely that the stl format doesn’t contain units. In 3D printing, it is often assumed to be mm. In CNC cutter land it’s all over the map. So when you tell Fusion “original” scale, I wonder what it assumes your units are.

Last time I did this, I did everything in mm and it seemed to just work, but I’d have to run through it again to note what I’d set all the checkbox to.


Okay, My computer died over night so I just watched this on my tablet.
I’m very impressed. I consider myself an advanced beginner and have watched a lot of F360 videos. Yet here in the first video of the series I have picked up several new things.
Thank you for this.


Yeah, I’m in the process of watching it again…I missed part when the phone rang. I’ve got a bunch of tips out of the deal too. (Definitely not beginner level - LOT of stuff covered in there.)


Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and patience. I appreciate it very much.


That’s the topic slated for webinar #3 right now. MIGHT get pushed to #4 depending on how much I get through in #2


Jason, this is really helpful. I particularly appreciate the notes on strategy (‘constrain first, dimension second’), not just what buttons do what. I often find that with new software you spend a while fighting it until you grok the preferred strategy.


Thank you so much! Really apreviate you hosting this for us.


Thanks Jason! I really enjoyed the second seminar, although I kept getting called away so I’m going to have to re-watch the video to make sense of it all. Definitely going to grab that Origin thingy!


I missed the second one so I’m waiting on the Youtube :slight_smile:


Same here. I completely forgot there was one today. I’ve added the 3rd one to my calendar.