Glowforge Specific Fusion 360 Training - Start of Live Webinar Series



Yeah, I’m going to try the Shaper plugin too. It was interesting seeing the CNC method, although I use Jason’s method 2 as a general rule, but I was having to create sketches of all of the extruded faces first (because they do evolve a lot when I’m designing, and on one of them - that Lithop pot, I had literally dozens of sketches in the darned thing) and it was taking forever.

Great tutorial Jason. :grinning:


What’s the that date?



Webinar #3 will be on this coming Wednesday (November 22th) from 10am - 11am MST.





I hope you enjoyed webinar #02.
Looks like my recording was botched up.
So, I’m going to re-record it right now and post it as soon as I can.



Oh! 12 central, I may be able to make that one!


Much appreciated!


Hello Everyone!

I had some issues with my recording today.
So, I had to re-record everything.
The official recording for Webinar #02 is now available at: Fusion 360 for Glowforge Users - Part 02
Hope you bring some popcorn because it includes 1 hour and 25 minutes of awesomeness!



I’m going to link this when I get my system back up. (Can’t do it on a tablet.)


@Secret_Sauce Hmmm… It wasn’t clear to me when this second webinar was going to happen, otherwise I would have attended it over lunch. Thankfully there’s the recording!

I wouldn’t mind showing up for the third installment, but are they all going to be at the same meeting URL as the first web-meeting? I guess I was expecting individual meeting URLs and calendar invites for each one. My bad!


Check the very first posting. He has separate registration links there for each of the webinars, and they will auto-add to your calendar if you choose.


Oh poop! I got the time wrong on this one. Don’t know why I thought it was noon CST. I’m going to have to see it later from the video. Did anyone catch it? :neutral_face:


That’s okay… I live in the same time zone and can’t remember that 10 comes before 11. Went to the signup page and was promptly shown it was over.:upside_down_face:


I’m still getting through part 2 of the series. They’re great, but I’m having trouble finding the time. I’m looking forward to part 3.


Yes (although as usual I had to step away several times). I really like the use of the Project command to get the cutting profile of the pieces. Thanks Jason!


Hi Everyone and Happy Early Thanksgiving!

The recording for Webinar # 03 is now on Youtube.
It is still processing, but should be ready to go in 10-15 minutes.
You can find the recording for Webinar #03 here: Fusion 360 for Glowforge Users - Part 03 of 06


Great! Can watch it this afternoon. Thanks Jason! :grinning:


It’s funny. I understand all the advanced concepts as you lay them out, but struggle with the basics.

I’m seeing a bunch of free training on Udemy, and some “not free but cheap for black friday” content as well. Guess I should supplement these sessions with some of those. When I catch up with myself, I’ll be unstoppable!

Or at least, relatively competent.


I won’t say never pay, but before you do, check out Lars on YouTube as well as Tech expresso.
If your learning style works best with the writen word, check out my tutorials in the matrix here.



Believe it or not, Tech Espresso (also known as Tyler Beck) made a quick appearance in webinar #02 at around 7 min 10 seconds in. Fusion 360 for Glowforge Users - Part 02 of 06 - 7 min 10 Seconds in.

Tyler is another tech specialist for Fusion 360 here at Autodesk and I am very fortunate to work with him. I agree with you Mark, Tyler’s videos are great! If you all want to check Tech Espresso out, go here: Tech Espresso’s Youtube Channel. Lar’s videos are great too. Keep in mind, however, that Lars mostly focuses on the CAM side of Fusion 360. Here is where you can find Lars’ channel: Lars’ Youtube Channel