Glowforge Specific Fusion 360 Training


For 2D design, it seems evident to me that nearly everyone in this forum is using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and/or Inkscape.
When it comes to 3D design, nearly every post on this forum references using Autodesk Fusion 360.
I’m not surprised considering Fusion 360 is an incredibly powerful and user friendly 3D design tool.
Of course, it helps that it’s priced extremely well. It is 100% free for hobbyists!

Full disclosure: I work at Autodesk.
I am a technical specialist for Fusion 360. What that means is that I get paid to be an expert at Fusion 360 and to demonstrate the software’s capabilities to customers. I am quite lucky!

As you may know, there are plenty of pre-recorded video tutorials out there that teach people how to use Fusion for various things. I haven’t found any, however, that are catered specifically to laser cutting.
So, I wanted to gauge everyone’s interest in my running a webinar for Glowforge owners where I would teach the basics of using Fusion 360 to design 3D objects for 2D laser cutting. I’m not sure at this point if it would be a one-time event or if I would do something like it on a regular basis and dive deeper in to specific tasks.

At this point, the purpose of this post is to gauge everyone’s interest in a Glowforge specific Fusion 360 Webinar.

  • Yes, I think I will benefit from learning how to use Fusion 360 to design cool laser cut products. Please create a Glowforge specific Fusion 360 Webinar!
  • No, I don’t think I will benefit from learning how to use Fusion 360 to design cool laser cut products

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Jason Lichtman
Principal of Secret Sauce Product Development
Technical Specialist at Autodesk for Fusion 360


You forgot the “Hell yeah!” option, so I settled for “Yes” instead.


Yes, that would be supremely lovely. :heart_eyes:


Any time I can get training I go for it. You bet , I would like it. Thanks for the offer.


Ummm…you missed CorelDraw (more than a few - probably more than those using Photoshop for 2D design) and a fair sampling of Affinity :slight_smile:


Popular drawing/vector apps used/being learned by Forum members:
Affinity Designer

Popular photo/pixel editing apps used/being learned by Forum members:

Quite a few of us are using Sketch up as well.


Yes! I hope this happens, I look forward to it!
Thanks for thinking of this and being willing to do it!

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I would love to see you put together a seminar. It would also be nice if you could address using F360 for just 2D as well for quick, small jobs.

If you could throw in something for using the drawings for things like the 12 x 20 hack that currently exists and/or using some super-secret add-on that maybe y’all are thinking about for that Glowforge that would be awesome too.


@Secret_Sauce, I’ve been waiting for you to show up. I’ve been doing what I can around here but I’m not an expert. Welcome and yes I’m more than a little giddy at the possibility of webinars.


Very interested. Thank You.

I think you might have several months to develop your lessons and webinar program. Maybe come November when the days get shorter and the cool nights are upon us and Glowforges are coool enuff to create lovliness for all. :sunglasses:

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I will only say yes too, in the absence of another option like that :heart_eyes:


I want to like F360, maybe I just haven’t taken the time to start at the beginning, instead trying to jump into the deep end.


My troubles trying to learn Inkscape and CD make me empathize with those who have real trouble learning F360.
I took to F360 well but I now realize that that is a lot about how my brain works.


I went to AU one year and watched pros model 3d prototype headphones using Fusion. It blew my mind. I still can’t make heads or tails of it because I never really progressed past Extrude, Sweep, Loft, etc…

Now I’m confused, like music, there are some fundamentals like Extrude, Sweep… Etc. After that it is just how you put them together.


Well, I’m working on one right now that keeps kicking my posterior. (Can’t seem to click directly ON the point that I want to attach to. Keep getting close, but close don’t cut it.)

Yeah, I definitely need some training.


I find fusion’s ui to be confusing. How work planes and hosts interact. I’ve not been modeling heavily at any time in my career so the software is beyond my current abilities. I’ll learn it someday.


If you have not already seen them I did some tutorials that start assuming you know nothing. At the end of the 5 short lessons you can build a box. Find these and a bunch more over in tips and tricks.