Glowforge Spotted in the Wild

Continuing the discussion from Is Glowforge portable:

I think this deserves its own post: A GLOWFORGE HAS APPEARED IN THE WILD!

The Dan Man “leaked” this image in another post. :grinning: (Not actually leaked. I’m guessing he knew what he was doing.) It was taken in downtown Boulder, Colorado, far from the laser’s native habitat. Clearly, the creature’s territory is expanding.

What we know:

  • The photo was taken on Walnut street, half a block from the offices of one of Glowforge’s VC/superangel funders, Brad Feld of the Foundry Group. The people carrying it are walking in the direction of the Foundry Group offices.
  • Brad appeared in this video using Glowforge remotely. He LURVS tech and like any sane being thinks the Forge is cool beans.
  • Brad may or may not still have the Forge pictured. It may even have been taken during the fundraising process, but that case looks pretty sweet.
  • We should not bother Brad, no matter how desperately we wish to ogle a live Forge.

What we can speculate:

  • The Foundry Group and Brad have a private beta test going.

The filename of the original photo gives a good clue when it was taken. 2016-03-29 12.29.55


Who has a pokeball?


Well there ya go then. Mostly likely, Brad was recently delivered a Forge, for unknown purposes and an unknown period of time.


As long as they are not all going to be hand delivered :slight_smile: I think that would take an insane amount of time. This looks like a very good sign of progress to me.

Thanks for sharing the picture.


If they are being delivered by hand I’m even more happy I ordered early on the first day. :wink:


Yes! Nothing like seeing a VC backer getting a physical demo of a production unit to indicate progress:bangbang:

I’m thinking Dan let that slip for our benefit - knowing we would ferret out the details.
“There’s an update for you”(… and I have this mental image of that huge grin) :grin:


Guy on the left looks like Mark Gosselin. Behind checking the phone looks like Tony, but can’t tell. On the right is it Tom Monroe? And why is he covering up that exhaust port? Arg, I knew I should have moved to Boulder three years ago when I had the chance.


He’s covering the exhaust port because that is the natural place for his hand to carry something moderately heavy.


I’m sorry but this is the Internet, “that’s the natural place to grip it,” is not an acceptable answer. He’s deliberately trying to cover something up :smiling_imp:

I’m guessing marmak3261 has some question about it and this isn’t helping.


Everyone is so HAPPY…HAPPY…HAPPY!! :grin:


Wish I could see the world like y’all. The random pictures that can be taken any way we want doesn’t do anything for me. Might be a good thing, but just as likely one of their normal prototypes to be used as a background prop for investors. My personality doesn’t lend itself to assuming much. The picture isn’t improbable either way.


I am seriously impressed/terrified by the level of sleuthing in this thread. Y’all need to start some sort of Glowforge CSI.


It really was nothing fancy on my part. I lived in downtown Boulder (an area that really includes only four streets) for 15 years, and I’m a former startupper who pitched to Brad at his office. Boulder’s a pretty distinctive looking place, so no surprise that any outdoor photo taken there (especially facing west, toward our mountains) would get cheesed. Also, I’m totally aware that my wild speculations as to potential beta-happenings may be completely off. @rpegg may be way more on point than my guesses.


There’s a lot of the world that I still haven’t seen, I personally wouldn’t mind hand-delivering at least a few! :smile:


Want my address?

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Yeah, Boulder is pretty recognizable. I saw mountains, snow and a familiar parking sign from my visit last Fall and thought Boulder and the VC funding connection. And closer looking is that Jill’s?

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Yep–the Jill’s sign was the dead giveaway. I had glanced at the photo and thought, “Wow, that part of Seattle sure looks a lot like Boulder–those brick buildings in front of the snow-covered mountains, those parking signs, the natural stone on that building behind them, the… HEY WAIT A SECOND! That’s the restaurant at the St. Julien!”


If you enhance the reflection of Tony’s phone in his glasses, you can clearly see he is texting that Beta’s are rolling out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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