Glowforge stain by number


Here is some of my own artwork. I originally designed this to be made in pieces using veneer or HPL, etc.
I decided to cut it out of a cheap piece of 1/4" plywood Ito see what it would look like. You can see the football patch.
The settings I used did not cut completely through the plywood and at first I was disappointed. Then I had the idea to just stain the wood to simulate paint by number.
It’s not perfect, but it came out pretty good. This picture is intended to be seen at a distance, so keep that in mind when looking at the image.
The concept does offer some interesting ideas for this technique.

I am claiming the world's largest Glowforge project

I like the effect! :grinning::+1:


Very cool … and a creative save, too :slight_smile:


@buschtrent Great Work! great way to salvage the project. This has a lot of potential for other projects. Thanks for sharing! :+1:


That is really cool! Although not your intended result, I think it turned out great.


What an interesting piece!


Bravo. Awesome effect.


That’s an interesting effect. I could see that looking good for some rustic scenery.


I like it a lot. I wonder if you could design it with this finished look in mind, shading different “paint by numbers” areas in different ways? That would be cool.


Cool idea. I can totally see some cool applications of this technique.


Well, I think it is pretty darn slick.

Now, ignore the fact that my artistic ability is slightly higher than my musical ability. :slight_smile:

I think my daughters will love to do something like that some day when we GET the dang thing in the house.


When you said it was meant to be seen far from a distance I started squinting at it and WOWSERS! That looks so cool!!! SO SO COOL!


Ok, that is getting locked away for future use!


I like it. Nice job.


This is fantastic! Curious how it would look with veneer. :slight_smile:


I really love this!