Glowforge stays on focusing printer head screen along with a yellow light

This is the first time I have ever had an issue with my glowforge. I was completing an order last night and it was perfect, now today it will not even load the screen stays on focusing glowforge printer head. I have researched and cleaned all lenses and still nothing. Any one have any advice? Thanks in advance.

Turn the machine off, remove any material and move the print head directly underneath the lid camera. Then turn it back on and see if it will focus and home.


I tried and it didnt work :frowning: its like the printer head isnt moving and it doesnt make the clicking noise it normally does it sitd still and the yellow light is on

If it’s not doing the tick tick tick after power-on, then there is a hardware failure. It might be the connection to the head (the main ribbon cable and where it plugs in), the cable itself, or associated connections.

Support can check the logs, and determine where the problem lies, but the machine will likely need to be replaced.


The yellow light will turn on if the white ribbon cable that goes into the print head is not fully connected. If the print head is not fully connected to the machine, then it can’t receive the command to “focus” either, and the Glowforge won’t do anything (center/home/print) if it doesn’t finish that. It sounds like your cable may have wiggled itself loose during a job. Unplug it and plug it back in.


I tried that as well it didnt work I think it may need to be replaced.

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