Glowforge stock on focus after cleaning. Inside printer head is loose

Lens’s inside printer head is loose and falls out with a shake. And it’s stuck on focusing

Welcome to the glowforge community! Do you happen to have a picture of the lens? The lens should not be falling out unless there was a break in its magnetic ring or the lens remover tool magnet got stuck to it, which happened to me once. I always keep a spare of each lens on hand: Spare Parts | Glowforge


So I did not have the blue tool to take it out with, as it was used so I had to go the opposite way. But now it’s stuck on focusing. It moves up and down just by flipping the printer head over

Take the lens out and take a photograph. The lens, if the magnet is in place, will not fall out.

I have to check it. I just left.

What do you mean by this? You do not have the blue tool anymore? and what is the opposite way?

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No I don’t have the blue tool and I had to remove the mirror to push down the lens

I am sure these photos will help Support. A photo of the inside of the printhead where the lens seats might also be helpful.

Yes it’s posted above . Thank you :slight_smile:

That photo is very helpful! There is this break in the ring on the lens:

I once had an issue where the metal ring from the blue lens remover tool broke and got stuck on the lens. I had to separate the broken ring from the lens and order a new tool. I cant tell for sure with the photo but I think it is a similar issue. Either your lens remover tool broke and left the broken piece inside the lens or the lens ring its self broke. The ring on the lens is not making a full connection. Below is a photo of what my lens looks like:

In the end, I believe you will need a new lens and it might be good to order an extra lens removal tool if you do not have one. It is up to you on if you want to wait for support to get to your post and see if they would send one for free (which in my experience, they do not) or if you want to get a replacement lens ordered to get back up and running soon.

Personally, I always keep a spare of every part glowforge has available that fits my use case.

I’m sorry for the ongoing trouble with your unit and its print head. Thank you for the detailed information you’ve shared with us so far. After reviewing the information along with your unit’s logs, we’ve determined the best next step will be to replace the head.

I see you’ve been in touch with us via email about this issue, and I’ve sent you a response there with next steps, so I’m going to close this forum thread and we’ll continue to assist you via email.