Glowforge stop in the middle of print

So every time I try to print anything with an SVG Mr burns will engrave perfectly fine, score perfectly fine but when it comes to cutting it will work and then stop in the middle of the print. I don’t get any sort of error message or anything the head just stops and the counter continues to go
Until the print is Over. I don’t understand why I have not had any luck with any unit that I’ve
Had on 3rd unit. Is anyone else having these problems?

Sounds like a combination of things. Not getting a message on the dashboard tells me that you might have a weak or comprimised wifi connection from the machine back to the router. You can eliminate this as a possible issue by connecting your machine to your phones mobile hotspot and resting it on the machine to test. The stopping while cutting sounds like your machine is overheating and going into a cooldown but because of the possible wifi issue I mentioned it is not able to send that info back to update the dashboard so the counter just continues. How warm is it in the room next to the right side of the machine? What model of machine do you own?

@armincey17 I’m so sorry to hear that your Glowforge is engraving and scoring but not cutting.

Can you please post the file you are trying to print?

Also if you have the date and time of the print I would like to pull and review the logs.

@armincey17 We haven’t received a response in a couple of days. If you are still having issues please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Yes we are still
Having issues it’s not working