Glowforge stopped engraving

I was attempting to engrave, score and cut. However, I am able to score and cut but when it comes to engraving it does not appear to do so. I did clean the glowforge to see if i can resolve the problem. What other things can I do to resolve this issue?

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Cut and score are vector elements (tool paths), engravings are raster elements (back and forth advancing one line at a time).
Which machine do you have, and what design software are you using? If you are having trouble you can drop the file in your reply and someone here can help.


One of the things that causes an engrave to fail is a duplicated design. Is it possible that you have stacked a file on top of itself?


You can engrave vectors, too.


@dklgood is correct. If your machine goes through the motions of engraving and nothing is happening, but it can cut and score no issue, it sounds like a file problem.

In the interface, you can check really quick by selecting the file (or the engraving area) and ungroup as many times as you can. Then select the area that was supposed to be engraved and move it or delete it, if there is still another image there, then that was the problem. If not, then undo the move or delete and check your settings to see if they are correct.

Most of my issues with engraving have been file issues and not the machine.


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