Glowforge stopped printing with a refresh error

Error: An error occurred on your Glowforge. Please refresh your browser before printing. It may also help to turn your Glowforge off and then on again.

I’ve clean my GF, checked all the connections, refreshed, turned everything off an on again, tried different materials, cleared my browser history and the print continues to stop and I get this error. Help :frowning:

Next thing to rule out as a problem is the design you’re trying to print. Give the Gift of Good Measure from your Design Library a try. If that prints, the problem was the artwork. If it’s a complex vector design, simplifying paths or rasterizing engraved portions will usually fix any issues processing it.


Same error :confused:

You said you turned everything off and on again, did that include rebooting the computer? Occasionally I have to do that once or twice along with turning the GF off and on, the other day it made me do it twice for some reason. But then it was ok after that.

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Yep, no luck.

I didn’t see clearing browser cache mentioned, you might try that. Or try a different browser.

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Tried that and I still get the same error.

I came here due to the same problem. I’ve tried everything you mentioned. Shutdown my computer, restarted, reconnected to Wifi, different browser, different file… all of it. No luck. Same error message with nothing specific to address.

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I have tried so many different things and I am stuck. I submitted a help ticket so hopefully that will come through soon with a solution. I have a big event next week and if I can’t get this fixed asap I will be so short on product. :frowning:

Below is the list of everything I have tried. Going on day 4 of this issue.

• cleaned my GF
• checked all the connections (to the print head, back, the inside to the left)
• refreshed (a lot)
• turned my computer and GF off and on again (many times)
• tried different materials
• tried different files
• cleared my browser history/cache
• Checked my internet connection
• Turned my internet on and off again.
• Use Chrome browser

  •  Attempted a factory reset (which I read later it clears your logs which makes it harder for support)

I would try running the GF using a cell phone hotspot. This will help rule out an issue with your internet connection.

One additional thing you can try is to make sure there are no browser updates available.

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I am having the same issues for the last several days. I have tried everything in your list. I’ve reconnected to the Wi-Fi. I’ve tried using a different computer. It’s very frustrating!

Same issue for the past two days and I too have tried all the above steps. I am feeling very defeated!
I also want to add the start button turns a yellow greenish color when this error happens.

I haven’t had the yellow button. I have reached out to support and hopefully they get back to me soon. I will share any information I receive!

I am in communication with GF Support now and I’ve sent the requested pictures. I will update as I hear back. I’m just thankful GF replied and especially on a Sunday.

Here is my update and I’m sick!
Thank you so much for that photo. I reviewed the photos you sent. Unfortunately, your Glowforge has a problem our team won’t be able to solve remotely and will require repair. Getting your printer shipped to us, then repaired and shipped back to you would take over 8 weeks. In order to get you back up and printing as soon as possible, if you agree to send back your current printer, we can send you a newly refurbished Glowforge printer discounted to what that repair would cost.

A yellow print button is usually indicative of a hardware failure.

When did you receive your machine?


Issue Solved! They had me run a print head setup and it worked. See their response below.

Thank you for your patience as we investigated your issue.

We made a small change on our end. Could you please run Printer Head setup and then let us know if you are still running into trouble?

Setting up your printer head only takes about 20 minutes and this should get you up and running! During the process, your printer will create a test pattern that the app will use to make sure your printer head is where it needs to be. You’ll need one new, flat sheet of 12” x 20” Proofgrade Medium Draftboard or Proofgrade Medium Plywood.

To get started, go here: Printer Head Setup



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