Glowforge stuck centering/wont refresh bed image

My glowforge had just completed a job.

Closed the lid to start the next and it wont refresh the bed image, it gets stuck on scanning and then centering.

“Centering the head of your glowforge”

Right before this happened i got a pop-up box notification that there was a free software upgrade on the glowforge. I did nothing with it so I am unsure if there is a place I’m supposed to update… did it do itself via the glowforge cloud?


1.Turned off the glowforge

2.Unplugged from electric socket and plugged back in and turned on.

3.reset wifi several several times

4.refreshed the browser

  1. Put a proof grade item with a QR code in the bed to see if it picks up

  2. Completely reset the glowforge and reinstalled it transmitting the real blue button for a new wifi signal.

  3. Instead of using the web based app, tried the actually downloadable app

  4. Cleaned all camera lenses, 5 contacts in the lid and made sure they were secure, cleaned the laser unit, side lens transmitters.

  5. Left the lid open for a period of time then closed it.

  6. Tried in a completely dark room.

Getting increasingly frustrated. I need you guys help :frowning:

Glowforge updates in the background. I have never seen any sort of pop-up like this. I’d run a virus scan on your system (though you did say you didn’t click, so yay that)

**Edit - I think I see the pop-up you’re talking about - it’s a link to this community about a background update!

(yay not a virus issue!)

Since you’ve already cleaned, checked connections, and reset your WiFi this may be a Staff issue :frowning:

Make sure you have restarted your network equipment. That means unplugged everything between the wall and the Glowforge that provides internet/network, and then wait 1-2 minutes. Start everything up from the wall in, waiting until each device has booted fully before starting the next.

If this doesn’t solve it, you will likely need support staff input.

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Hi @shoreimpressedjewelr I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.