Glowforge stuck in cool down mode/scanning

My glowforge has been stuck between cool down mode and scanning for days now. I’ve cleaned my machine, cleaned the lenses twice and reconnected my glowforge multiple times. I’m not sure what to do. Support hasn’t contacted me and this has affected my business. Is there anything else I can do? Im at the point where I feel I need to send it in to be repaired.
Thank you in advance!

Cleaning your lens or other optics will never fix an issue like this, as the Glowforge does not know a lens is inserted, and will operate the same whether one is inserted or not. Just FYI.

Let’s consider a few things that are involved in “cooling down”, “scanning”, or getting stuck in any status:

  • The wire for the temperature sensor, which can become disconnected or damaged if something repeatedly rubs up against it. That’s this bundle of wires near the coolant pump on the left side of your machine. Inspect it for any damage.

  • The white ribbon cable going into the print head. If it’s loose or disconnected from the print head, the Glowforge button will turn yellow, the same as it would for a temperature issue. Disconnect the cable from the print head, check for any bent pins or debris in the connector, and make sure it clicks back into place when you reinsert it.

  • The lid cables which carry the camera images to the machine. Pictures of what to look at can be found in these support articles.

  • The machine is losing its wifi connection.

Restart your router, consider locating it closer to your Glowforge, and consider checking which wifi channels are busy in your house/area and switching your router to use a less congested channel.

You can also help rule out wifi issues by temporarily connecting your Glowforge to a mobile hotspot instead of your home internet and seeing if that resolves the issue.

Luckily, wifi issues and lid cable issues can all be fixed at home. Glowforge Support can often identify when one of those is the problem via your machine logs, so look forward to their response as well.


Thanks for your help!
I looked at the wires you pointed out and they seem to be fine. I did notice they get rubbed against often because the laster head rod moves against it but there doesn’t seem to be any damage. I’ve also checked the black and white cables and they are securely placed. I rebooted my router and while it did help and i was able to get about 3 prints in, it started saying it was too hot (which has also been happening when I get it to work again).
I’m just at a loss of what to do. Hoping support reaches out soon. Again, thank you so much for your help!

I believe this is part of a problem submitted several times and being worked on – it deals with something to do with the online software and has not been fixed yet. I’ve reported it, sent exhaustive info using multiple browsers, etc. and have been told their team is working on it. My only work around is to power down my GF, exit the GF software in my browser, exit my browser, let it all sit for 10-30 minutes, then start again. It goes thru whatever my job is, finishes the job, and hangs on cooling down again – so I start all over again. Frustrating.

mine too is stuck on cooling down for days now…Glowforge is yet to offer any assistance with my mail.

Have you been able to solve your problem yet? I haven’t used my Glowforge much last month because I was traveling but I hope at least some one us have gotten help.

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