Glowforge- stuck in Scanning- Laser will not move

Hi all! I’ve had my laser for a few months. Yesterday I cut a file and after loading a new sheet of birch, my machine got stuck at scanning. I worked with support and I was told that they would send me an email to pay for a new black cable and instructions on how to change it out. I have yet to receive the email with the invoice.

I’ve tried rebooting my router, moving the laser under the camera, checked all of the clips, cleaned the machine and searched for other answers.

Is anyone else having issues or know what this “black cable” is called so I can get it ordered?

I have orders and I do not want to cancel them bc I can’t get a reply from support.

Thank you

Hi @cassieanddavid, welcome to the forum!

The ordering process involves them arranging for shipment from another location; I can only speculate, but I suspect that is at least part of the reason for it taking some time to get back to you. Unfortunately the black cables aren’t yet available from anywhere that we can access to order ourselves, yet. It might be a good idea to respond again to your support email and ask them to arrange to send you two, so you’ll have a backup, since you’re using this machine for a business.

Also, just something to know for future – when you post in Problems and Support you open a new support ticket. If you’ve already emailed, this creates a duplicate, and the multiple tickets in the system can slow things down as they try to match up your previous ticket(s) with the new one.

They’re a small support team with 18,000 machines out there to provide support for, so the more we can do to keep from increasing their workload, the faster their response time will be. :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea. I am hoping that it is the cable. It is just so strange that it stopped working . I’m running jobs on my CNC right now to keep things moving forward. I was about to purchase a second machine but I think I need to see how this pans out first.

Any other parts you would suggest buying?

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An extra lens is probably a good idea. They are pretty fragile, and it’s easy to fumble and drop them. :slight_smile: (You can probably guess how I know this!)

I think a second machine for backup is a good idea; it’s really a hobby-level machine, but the price point makes it appealing to small business owners. However, that same price point means the company can’t provide the instant response you get from the higher-priced equipment manufacturers, so having a backup is good sense. Glowforge Support is pretty awesome, but they’re humans like the rest of us and apparently require occasional sleep. :wink:


Hi, worth giving this a try while you’re waiting for a new cable… but you mentioned putting in a new sheet of material and then the machine got stuck–sometimes material on the bed or too much light confuses the unit. Did you try restarting it with nothing on the bed? And cleared the (internet) cache on your computer? (lots of info has to go back & forth, so your computer may need cleaning/clearing more often than you had before).

I did! but thank you so much for replying. I am just hoping to hear from support soon. They said they had to send me an invoice to pay before they could ship the cable.
Hope you have a great day!

You too, and hope your GF is back up & running again ASAP!!

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