Glowforge stuck on centering after replacing black lid cable

The glowforge wasn’t working so after alot of troubleshooting the support staff send over a new black lid cable to replace the old one now after replacing it the same problem occurs, the glowforge keeps being stuck on centering.

I’ve again gone trough all the troubleshooting steps to get it fixed like:

  • checked if all the cables are connected
  • cleaned the camera lens
  • put the modem closer (next to the glowforge even)
  • connected glowforge to mobile hotspot
  • cleaned and moved the print head

ive attached photo’s of the conections.

at a loss of what could be the problem considering i already replaced the black cable.

Help is much appreciated

here are the 2 other pictures i couldn’t upload with the others

Hi @sietsenefs. I’m sorry to hear that your Glowforge is continuing to get stuck while centering after you replaced the black lid cable. I just sent you a separate email so we can continue with any next steps to resolve this.

When you have a moment, can you confirm you have received it by replying to my email, or confirming it in a response in this thread. Once confirmed I can close the thread to continue the discussion through email, but will leave this open until you have gotten back to us. Thank you!


I have received the email so we can discuss it further over email.

I have also already done all the steps explained in the auto e-mail I got.

Kind regards,

Sietse Nefs

Hi there, thanks for letting us know @sietsenefs - I’ll go ahead and close this topic to close the loop here.