Glowforge Stuck on Centering and Scanning

Hi there! My glowforge is not updating the bed image, and has been stuck on centering or scanning for hours last night and this morning too. It is not centering the glowforge head to the camera when I turn the machine on. The picture bed I see when I turn on the machine is of my last print. It runs through the click cycle, but then nothing happens and either gets stuck on on scanning or centering. I’ve tried multiple community remedies like turning off the machine, gently moving the glowforge arm and head to the center of the bed under the camera and then turning the machine back on with the lid open then closing after 15 minutes - also turning off my wifi and resetting the machine, connecting to my phone hotspot incase it’s an internet issue, cleaning all lenses, but it still won’t update the bed image or calibrate normally when turning it back on. I have lots of holiday orders due this week and could really use your help! Thank you so much!

If you’ve followed all the steps on the official troubleshooting page for this issue, then it’s likely the lid cable needs to be replaced. Support can check the logs and confirm.

I am having this same issue and I’ve the machine less than 2 weeks!!!

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This is a consistent issue with my glowforge. I just replaced my cable (for the second time) and it did this the second time I used it after cable replacement. I go through these same exact steps every single time for about an hour, then I finally get my machine to work. I love my machine when it works. But it has not been worth its headache.

Yup. That and “not cutting thru” appear to be the most common issues.

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It gives some extra anxiety for those holiday orders for sure!