Glowforge stuck on homing/ won't fire up!

Please help if you can!

I was printing fine all day yesterday, then in the middle of a long print my Glowforge basically shut off with the power still on. The blue light stopped glowing and the print stopped halfway.

Now it is stuck on this distorted image when I go to any of my prints online.


  • cleaned all my lenses (twice!)
  • replaced the grate and materials on it
  • unplugged and re-plugged my glowforge in
  • re-connected wifi
  • adjusted belts
  • followed the link in message
  • cleaned connectors

Please help if you can! I send in a request for support but they won’t be open until Monday and I have so many pre-orders to print :frowning:

You don’t specifically state that you followed the link in the message, and cleaned the connectors. The lens (there is only one) and other optics have nothing to do with it. The machine is reporting a problem communicating with the head.

If you did, then either the head, the long grey ribbon cable, or a connection are likely faulty and the machine will need to be replaced.

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Thanks for your reply!

I did follow the link in the messages and nothing that I did there helped to troubleshoot! The connectors to the head were also cleaned :frowning:

I’ll try to investigate the grey ribbon cable! Thanks!

I got that message right out of the blue one day as well. The ribbon connector to the head had disengaged. It was just a simple matter of re connecting it. Hopefully you find something simple like that as well. Be careful not to bend any of those small pins.


Thank you SO much!!! I think It’s an internal issue with the ribbon cable so I ordered a new one- hopefully that’s the fix! You’re a blessing thank you!!!

Apparently that ribbon cable that connects the head is not something GF sells for do it yourselfers. I assume you have looked into what it requires to replace that?

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I’d be curious to know where you found one for sale.

That’s going to take some effort to change out.

Found one on Etsy from a distributor that gives a YouTube tutorial! You’re right- gonna take a couple hours minimum but I’d rather try a fix then let it sit! :slight_smile:


You should record your progress and educate anyone who may need to follow in your footsteps. Good luck.


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