Glowforge support for UK

Hello all,
Does anyone know if the UK support still works? I’ve emailed them about my black lid camera cable but haven’t received a response.
Glowforge US just sent me to Hobbycraft (a UK craft shop that stocks machines) but they don’t carry spares!
My machine is looking like an expensive paperweight at the moment.

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@Dan_H ?
Is UK Support still a thing? The email address is still listed on the site but if no one is answering it…


Does the Glowforge Shop not ship parts to UK?

It’s not cheap, but there are some people reselling them on Etsy that will ship worldwide.

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Hi dan84,
No, the Glowforge shop does not ship to us in the UK, instead sending a potential buyer to a UK based craft store that sells the machines, but not the spares…
Fed up with going around in circles, I’ve paid an awful lot over the top the the above mentioned Etsy seller who can ship from the US to the UK.

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