Glowforge Support is HORRIBLE lately

I’d really like to start a forum to congratulate Glowforge on not responding in over 4 days. No matter what I do I can’t actually reach anybody. I 100% am cancelling my order for my second glowforge (that I ordered only because of the great first customer support interaction I had).

Have you tried the live chat? It’s available 10AM-2PM PT Monday through Friday on the support site. You’re probably waiting on something that only operates on business days (engineering support, 3rd party logistics), so only 2 have passed since the weekend.

But at least with live chat, someone can tell you that in realtime, which might soothe the emotions a bit. Glowforge doesn’t have the fastest support, but they do have the best support in this industry IMO. They take care of their customers like no other laser manufacturer. I think you’d regret cancelling your order.


This topic makes me think of this song,

Good luck with your support.


Of note, I have only had amazing customer service from Glowforge, and my post was really because I like TMBG and you said horrible. :slight_smile:


I have had nothing but great customer support for my machine. It does take some time because of emails, but they will take care of you.
Like everyone else here we all wish there was phone support available. I suspect many issues that are quite small could be resolved with a phone call and there would be less frustration on the customer side.
Perhaps sometime in the future, they will make that service available!


I’m sorry for the delay in our team’s response. I’ve just reached out via email with additional information for you as well as to set up a time for us to speak on the phone, and I look forward to speaking with you soon so that we can work on this together in real time.