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Hi, is anyone else uk based or otherwise having issues getting response from glowforge? It’s been two weeks since my second glowforge made a bang and blew up. They responded within 24 hours and started to make arrangements to replace. However, it’s now been 10 days since I last had any contact- which was just an email saying sorry about the delay we are experiencing longer than normal wait times. Is it just me or is anyone else having issues or can give me an idea of how long you had to wait?

Thanks, slightly stressed as I use my laser for work.

Welcome to the community. Since you did receive a response…plus it was one saying that they are delayed, they will take good care of you. They’re not known for their speed, but once it gets moving, they are excellent. I suggest you go ahead and send them another email, using theirs to you as a response. I will also tag our two community support people, @Brandon.B and @emilyhuh in hopes they might be able intercede. Best of luck.


Really appreciate your patience! Please do feel free to reach out again via email and they will get back to you as soon as they can. If you already did that and still haven’t heard back, feel free to let me know (if you don’t mind letting me know what name you wrote into support with so I can check with them) and I can ask the team to search for your ticket.

Thanks @Xabbess for flagging to me!


Thank you, it is Lisa Rooney. I’ve replied to their message a few times but not heard.

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I let our Support team know about this. I’ll let you know when I hear back. Thank you!

Our Support team has your ticket and will get a response to you soon. Thank you for your patience!

Thanks Emily :hugs:

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If you already haven’t heard from Support, you should be getting an email with a response to with replacement details. Thank you!


Thank you Emily, all been sorted now :hugs:


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