Glowforge Talk Show #5 - Maker Faire Bay Area Recap With Special Guest!

@dan Thanks for stopping in.


@dan, it was great chatting with you tonight. Thanks so much for showing up for the talk show!

I really appreciate you filling in all the details (I could not quite remember); technical minds wanted to know. :upside_down:


yes thank you @dan for the time


Every time I hear Dan talk about Glowforge my faith in the team/product is increased a lot. It becomes so obvious that their priority is us… not the $$.


I really appreciate you geeks* doing this for us. For 40 min. I was able to get my fix and get the build plate changed on my Lulzbot mini at the same time.

*If there was any doubt, this is a term of endearment.


That was awesome to hear @dan go through all the components and talk about what he likes, what changed, and hearing all the consideration that went into it. Thanks for taking the time to do this guys.


@dan, at about 24:20 there was discussion on the dimensions of the connector from the GF to the filter. Can you give us a better idea of the additional depth needed for this. I think you said it is a maybe 8 inches to 1 foot protrusion. This would mean a deeper table or bench would be needed. Could you give us anymore specifics on that so work spaces can be properly laid out? If it is not finalized, err on the larger side. I wasn’t planning on an additional foot, but can adjust now rather than when it’s delivered.


I probably overestimated, but I’d plan for max 8". It doesn’t need support but would need wall clearance.


Wow. I picked a bad time to go to France. Glad you all are so faithful to this enterprise.


I constantly find myself asking questions at the screen. Keep forgetting it isn’t live.


Thanks for the info.

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Thanks for the info…also wanna share…I was talking to someone on G+ and they asked me…" isn’t that a fire waiting to happen ?"… I told them @dan and company are working their butts off to prove you wrong. Just sayin !

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Nice work. Thanks for getting @Dan on there and thanks for being on the show @Dan. Between @jacobturner 's coverage of Makerfaire, and this Talk Show I feel I’m all caught up on where things are at.


Really…? I wouldn’t think there would EVER be a bad time to go to France. :wink:


For the pro with passthrough, it would have to be away from a wall anyway, right? And from the positioning of the vent opening, I assume it will not interfere with the passthrough while being used?

@dan: You had a Physicist on staff and at the booth and you didn’t tell me?! You are now in trouble! I could have geeked out far longer.


He omitted that for the sake of your kids. You’d have never left. :smile:


My laser…

is now a Glowforge!

Such an easy upgrade. :stuck_out_tongue:


A few thoughts/memories after watching:

The build really does feel solid, that was probably my single biggest take-away. I leaned on the forge with a fair amount of force, and there were no noticeable sounds or shifts. If i put even a fraction of that force towards, say, my office printer, I can hear plastic shifting and groaning. I did not feel or hear that at all in the conference hall.

The lid hinge. When you open it, there is a point past which it does not drop back down and close but instead stays in place. It is not a detent or a hard stop, but somewhere past 25* all the way to full open at 90* it will just stay. @dan mentioned that people come in many sizes, and not everyone would be able to reach if the lid automatically sprang up to full open, or had to be opened to the max to stay in place.