Glowforge Talk Show #9 | "Has your cat press the button yet?"

Special thanks to @polarbrainfreeze & @rebecca for doing the show and a guest appearance by @henryhbk. (@takitus was under the weather)

(Seems like I fail boated and didn’t check which mic Hangouts was using for me. Sorry)

Thanks for watching.


A lot of fun being on the show, and a great group. Hopefully enough east coast folks will get inspired to come to MFNYC, and even exhibit!


I’ll be there again. It’s always fun. Might be in the eNable booth one day but haven’t confirmed anything yet. Depends on whether my wife wants to come with me again or not.

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Wonderful! Thank you all for taking the time to do this. I really enjoyed listening to this while making my breakfast & putzing around the kitchen this morning :slight_smile:

As to the kid who came in and pressed the button - welcome to vending! LOL - people say and do the strangest things at shows. I had a long talk w/one of my psych profs about this several years ago … people tend to lose their inhibitions in crowds, and behave in ways that they would never dream of back home in their normal lives. It can be amusing and at times, infuriating.

@rebecca I really enjoyed your perspective, as I’m coming to this from a similar skill level. I’m still primarily in the “flat things” phase, so it’s encouraging to hear that you’ve progressed on to more complex works. Hopefully, I won’t be too far behind you there.

Thanks again - I appreciate everyone who shares their time and thoughts for these talk shows. The informal style is great, and the content is honest and informative. Starting to consider MFNYC a bit more now!


And this is why acrylic safety covers were created for covering buttons. Too bad gluing them down would be too drastic.

Maybe unhook the leads to the switch contacts from the button and hang a mystery button out back by the exhaust at trade shows. :smiley:

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Out of the 100s of kids that came by the booth. That was the only one that did that. With his dad. Right there. Watching.

I dunno. The point was to have kids design something on the fly and actually take part of said thing getting made.

There always is that ‘one’.


Well if the back button was in serial with the top button, they would still be able to press the button – it’d just be locked out until you also had your finger pressing your button before-hand. Heh.


By the way, this is what I was talking about with OnShape’s direct viewing of keyboard shortcuts (rather than inside help/manuals/etc). And yes I already reported the feature request:



Haven’t had time to watch this entirely yet… But I’ll say this… One of our cats has been very interested in the Glowforge. Lays in front of it, or on it. Has sat and watched the head move. And, yes… has pushed the button! I was happily surprised when that did NOT end the job. And then I wasn’t sure he actually pushed it, so I pushed it myself as a test. That, apparently, does not end the job. Very sad to say that that cat was killed by a car yesterday. We didn’t have him long… about a month. He was an abandoned neighborhood cat that came to our yard frequently. Finally one day, he just… came in when we opened the door. The other cats didn’t hate him, so we kept him. RIP, Cap’n Tightpants.




Sorry about the cat @Tom_A.

Great talk show folks! So much good information. Touched on lots of stuff. It does point out that there still is an information organization void that is causing problems, such as the contrast feature and the rotate feature using the keyboard.


I’ll watch this entire video, hopefully today. But… Keyboard shortcuts?! Are they’re there now? Did you say “rotate?!” Well that would have come in handy last night when I was trying something. Is there a list? I searched the forum about kb shortcuts the other day but didn’t find such a thing.

Downloaded for viewing. (Cruddy internet connection.)

aw, sorry to hear about the kitty, man.


Precisely! Where is this on one place? Arg!

ctrl + arrow up or arrow down controls the gain in the camera for getting better contrast or less in a trace.

You can’t rotate bitmaps. [Edit, sorry originally I missed the n’t]

You can rotate vectors, simple paths or filled. Move your cursor up to the top center just slightly above the object bounding box. A little rotate arrow appears. Click and press shift to constrain to 45 degree rotation steps.

And Dan let drop somewhere another one that escapes me.


yeah, ctrl+shift+ up and down, was that something to do with fill or contrast or something?


He said it would adjust the fill (perhaps something along the lines of transparency, sort of like the photoshop option to adjust fill or transparency-different functions, similar though not identical results).


Thanks for the video!

Shipping US for Glowforge = $99 USD
Shipping US for the filter = $76 USD

Shipping Canada for Glowforge and Filter = $603 USD

Edit: Taxes on top


honestly that was the biggest reason for cancelling the filter to me. i accept the extra cost, i just decided it wasn’t worth it for me personally.

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So does the $425 difference address the taxes that Canada would impose on you for having it shipped directly to you versus picking it up in US and paying your taxes at the border as you bring it home?