Glowforge Talk Show - Delays, Proofgrade, & Betas

At the behest of Dan, posting a new thread for this mid-month chat.
We decided to have a new show mid-month because there has been a lot going on last 2 weeks.
Check it out, and if you have any feedback, questions, etc please leave them here!


Thanks for sharing! Listening as we speak. :slight_smile: A heads up before these shows would be so great! I’d love to listen in live. :slight_smile:

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I was getting notifications through my Google calendar but no longer. So I’m guessing they are trying to keep the number of people down for both technical reasons and ease of communication.

Oh, that’s possible. I’m not sure how they work, but maybe having a “guest list” of people on video and the rest on chat? I don’t need to be on video, but being able to chime in via chat would be sweet. :slight_smile:

I am going to move to another time zone just so I can actually participate in these… When Dan first mentioned the delay, I instantly guessed December, just going with the shift from Beta in December plan to Beta just now, then tacking on 50%. So I would have happily been engaged in this conversation :smiley:

I wanted to go check out @polarbrainfreeze’s turtle. If anybody else wants to remember it, here’s a link.


Good luck with your showing Ben!

Apologies @cmreeder, don’t know how I managed to tag you…:rolling_eyes:



It’s just a small local art show, but I’m looking forward to getting feedback from “strangers” on this art style. I’m planning on getting a few pieces together (like 5-10), and then contacting a few galleries. But I won’t be at that point for a few more months.


Yes, Ben…hope it’s a huge success, with many more to come.


I wouldn’t be surprised if that piece did well for you. You tapped into something there.
When I first saw it… stunned is too strong a word, but it took my attention.

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When will there be a public show in Seattle that I could attend to see the glowforge in action?? Id love to see it & I live right in the area.

I love this show. It gives me an opportunity to see the wonderful personalities behind some of the profiles. Great job to all!


@takitus If you do start a blog on the k40 let me know what it is and post links to all the parts and attachments you use to upgrade it, I have one of the k40’s for almost a year now and have only used it standard because I don’t want to mess it up lol. If you put together a nice guide on upgrading it I would feel more comfortable trying to upgrade it. Everything else I have found guide or upgrades on it doesn’t go in-depth on how they did it just parts used. Thats the main reason I got a glow forge is because the amount of work realigning the k40 each cut and effort to get something perfect takes forever. Spend more time fixing it then I do using it, it seems like anyways.

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Will do! I’ll keep notes on any mods I do and if they are successful I will post em up.

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Check out the Google+ Hangout (K40 Laser Cutter Engraver) group. Lots of helpful links, docs and people who can help you upgrade your K40.

It’ll help you while away your time waiting on your GF :smile:

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Ah sweet! Will do! It should be here this week… along with my oculus hopefully!