Glowforge Team

It would be really helpful if instead of replying back with -we have sent an email and will be closing the thread, you keep the thread open so we know if issues are actually resolved. I’ve spent countless hours trying to research how to fix my machine (with no response from anyone on your team - except for an automated email). I’ve found several posts with people experiencing the same issue that I’m having and they have all been closed… I’d like to know if I’m wasting my time trying to fix it or if everyone that is having the same issues, are packing up their machines to be shipped back. This has been such a disappointing experience… I’m now weary of upgrading to the Pro.

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Hi @nlee. I saw you opened this thread to address the laser trouble occurring on your Glowforge as well. To avoid any potential confusion with multiple troubleshooting threads, I will close this thread. I just sent a response to your original thread with next steps and will look forward to your response there. Thank you!