Glowforge temp wifi doesnt show up?

Well, it did once. But only with the button lit up purple.
New computer, all updated. Reset router. Reset Glowforge.
I’ve looked through other threads for tips, but cant seem to get a grasp on this one.
Hate to be a bother, but any help would be immensely appreciated.

Low probability event, but they’d take away my union card if I didn’t ask – is the new computer disconnected from any wired networking (no ethernet cable plugged in) so that it’s only looking for wifi connections? This is a common ‘gotcha’ (happened to me in April).

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Your button is teal when you’re looking, right? (Well, other than the purple time.)

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Thank you both for replying.
It was teal every time. But for some reason, it showed up.
I have no idea why. I didnt do anything different, just another reset on everything.
To be fair, I think tech hates me.
Again, thanks a ton for the replies!

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did you get connected? i have had the same problem since yesterday. ive reset everything and no dice.

Thanks for letting me know about this. I’m glad you were able to get it figured out!

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