Glowforge, to the point (short videos)

I’ve made over 140 life time videos on my youtube channel for Glowforge related topics. Some people wanted shorter videos since my older ones are longer since I try to pack as much detail as I can in them. I decided to make a new series called “Glowforge, to the point”. It’s going to be short clips of each topic related to how to do something with the glowforge for easier to find and quick watch access.
Anyways to get to the point… Here’s the video playlist if you want to watch and follow along as it builds larger over time:

It’s going to start off with basic new user info working up to becoming an advance user. I currently have added 5 new videos to start it off.


Awesome! It’s people like you, who share, who make this a great place to be. Thanks, I’m pretty sure I can use some of them.


Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot.

awesome! bookmarked :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your efforts in sharing your experience to new users.


I subscribe to your channel and I love it.

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Thank you

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Thank you so much for these! They are so very helpful! I have learned so much so quickly. I feel much more confident working with my machine and soon to try my own designs.

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No problem. I am glad they helped out.