Short videos continued

Added a few more tips and tricks videos to the glowforge to the point series I started here: Glowforge, to the point (short videos)

Ep. 8:

Ep. 9:

I plan on making more, working on them slowly (work 2 jobs so bare with me lol and fell free to subscribe if you want to follow along, I’ll try to post updates on the fourms from time to time too)


Thank you for these videos. I have bookmarked it so I can keep it handy. Appreciate all your hard work (literally - two jobs PLUS Glowforging!).


Great resources! NIce work!

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Well my main job then my glowforge business that takes up just as much time (if you don’t count that then my main job, plus time consuming task lol) Then videos/editing is extras to help people out.