Glowforge took off by itself

I was in the other room. Glowforge had not been used in an hour or two. High pitched sound started coming from the Glowforge like the fan was accelerating more and more and more. I am going to try to attach video of the sound. Now when I turn it back on it does the same thing. HELP!

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If you haven’t already, send that video to The fan being high-pitched may be as simple as a cleaning issue, but starting by itself means a short or something, and that’s not good.

Meanwhile, go into your GFUI and turn off the internal fan (there’s a switch in the 3 dot menu that says there’s a filter attached, click that to on). If the noise still happens then it’s not the fan in the back, but the fan attached to the head.
If the sound goes away it’s the fan in the back.

Once you know that you can take a closer look at the one with issues and see if you can figure out what its problem is!


The fan sounds like it is running the exhaust fan cleaning routine.


Good thought - I’ve never run that, but it does go faster than normal during that process.


How do you even run that? I have an external fan/filter and so the exhaust fan never runs. I took the hose off the back and it is running at full speed. It runs for like 30 seconds and then the button turns yellow/orange.

The thing making the noise is the fan in the back, I took the hose off and it is running at full speed even though I have it turned off. After about 30 seconds the button turns yellow/orange.

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